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Macknicki Ministries is a family endeavor of the Macknicki Family. Though Chris and I have spent some time living in California, we have called Palmer Alaska our home for most of our lives.  God has blessed us with two amazing and beautiful children who teach us every day about the love, patience, and graciousness of our mighty God and Father in heaven.

Larry Macknicki
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I was born in Spokane Washington but moved to Alaska when I was 9 years old. We lived in Anchorage until I finished 6th grade and then moved to Palmer where I attended both Jr. High and High School.

I have spent my professional career in Information Technology and have been a Business Analyst, Programmer, Developer, Database Architect, IT Manager, and Chief Information Officer. I have worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, defense, transportation, financial, pharmaceutical, communications, and government. In 2012 I started a new ministry as the pastor at In His Steps Community Fellowship in Palmer, and in 2013 I also became the full time pastor of Pioneer Baptist Church of Wasilla.  

I spent the vast majority of my adult years as a devout atheist arguing against the existence of God. In 2009 God won that argument and I have been amazed at the changes that He has made through his grace in my life and in the life of my family. Looking back on that time I am shocked at the person that I was and humbled by the mighty acts of God that are obvious in retrospect.

In my former life I was consumed with pride, selfishness, and the need for material things. I was focused on climbing the corporate ladder and advancing my career to the exclusion of all else including my children and my wife. On the verge of divorce, with virtually no relationship left with my family, God found me.

In January of 2009 I gave my life to Christ (no small thing for a hardcore atheist, mind you). In the next year or so, God began to change and mold me into a new creation. He fundamentally changed my focus and my priorities.  I left my corporate job, moved my work closer to home, and dedicated my life to pursuing God. In 2011 I was ordained as a Christian Minister.

Today we have a strong and vibrant family defined by love and dedicated to ministry. My wife and I have the strong and fruitful relationship that God intended and our children are growing in the Lord with a love and a joy that is amazing.

I am mightily blessed and owe everything that I am to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christine Macknicki
Chris is a true Alaskan, born in Fairbanks. With the exception of a short time in Kansas she spent most of her childhood in Alaska. Chris too, went to school in Palmer and both she and Larry were proud members of the Palmer High School class of 1989.

Chris graduated from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks with a B.S. in Biology and has worked in various areas of biology and biochemistry over the past 20 years including field research studying birds in the Pribilof Islands of Alaska, chemical analysis of water and soil contamination, biochemical manufacturing and research for gene therapy companies, and research and analysis in plant virology.
Chris also spent much of her younger years opposed to God. In 2011 God won her heart too. Since then the Holy Spirit has moved through our family and worked miracles in our lives.
With God's grace and patience our family hopes to fulfill His mission for us during our short time here on Earth with the ever present hope of hearing our Lord's words "Well done good and faithful servant!"

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